Power Pilates Certification Program

Power Pilates is a comprehensive training program requiring 600 apprenticeship hours. Power Pilates unique program teaches the exercises and principles created by Joseph Pilates through a classical — systematic — integrative approach. Clients learn through movement and their bodies change as a result. This classical system allows the body time to heal, balance, and change naturally through movement. The apprentice program teaches Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced exercises on mat and all other Pilates equipment which includes reformer, cadillac and chair.

Naperville Pilates Owner & Power Pilates Instructor – Suzanne Fayoumi

Suzanne Fayoumi

Suzanne Fayoumi

Suzanne Fayoumi is a Certified Power Pilates Instructor and trains under Joseph Pilates teacher trainers. She is also Johnny G Spin certified.

I am an avid athlete and enjoy competing in many events, such as triathlons and marathons. I started Pilates to improve my performance in races and to remain injury free. The benefits of Pilates exercise far exceeded my expectations. My flexibility was enhanced, posture improved, strength increased and I remained injury free.

Pilates is for everyone and I will hold you accountable to your goals, train you safely, and enthusiastically give you a total body workout where each and every movement is initiated from the core.

Power Pilates Instructor – Jenn Irwin

Jenn Irwin

Jenn Irwin

Jenn is a Power Pilates certified instructor and teaches beginner and intermediate mat exercises.

I immediately connected with Pilates as a way to build my strength, increase my endurance, and enhance my overall physical and mental wellbeing. I found the Pilates method to be crucial in effectively managing my scoliosis and elevating my energy levels throughout the day.

I have also used the methods taught in Pilates to train for triathlons and other athletic competitions like the Chicago Marathon while remaining injury free.

I believe Pilates is accessible to everyone, to any body type and age. My goal is to help my clients be safe, feel successful, and be in control of their own health and wellbeing.